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LiberTEM-live is an extension module for LiberTEM [CWR+21] that allows live data processing.


LiberTEM-live is still experimental and under active development, including the overall architecture. New releases can include changes that break backwards compatibility until the code and architecture are proven in practical application and stabilized sufficiently.

That being said, we encourage early experimental use, are happy to support real-world application and appreciate feedback! You can contact us by creating or commenting on an Issue on GitHub or in the LiberTEM Gitter chat.

LiberTEM user-defined functions (UDFs) are designed to work without modification on both offline data and live data streams. That means all LiberTEM applications and LiberTEM-based modules can work with all supported detectors in LiberTEM-live.


The short version to install into an existing LiberTEM environment:

(libertem) $ python -m pip install "libertem-live"

See the LiberTEM installation instructions for more details on installing LiberTEM.


  • Quantum Detectors Merlin

  • DECTRIS EIGER2-based

  • Amsterdam Scientific Instruments CheeTah TPX3

See the documentation for details.

Support for the Gatan K2 IS, ASI MPX3, and X-Spectrum cameras is currently under development.


LiberTEM-live is licensed under GPLv3. The I/O parts are also available under the MIT license, please see LICENSE files in the subdirectories for details.


We are very grateful for your continuing support for LiberTEM-live!

See the acknowledgement page for a list of authors and contributors to LiberTEM-live and other LiberTEM projects. See also our info on funding and industry partners.


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