0.2.1 / 2023-05-09

Updated the packaging to include the tests in the sdist (#99), and add tests that don’t require “real” test data (#102, #103).

0.2.0 / 2023-04-21

This release updates LiberTEM-live to use the new features of LiberTEM v0.11 and the pipelined executor (#51), and adds support for streaming data from two new detectors. It introduces a new, more convenient API for connecting to detectors and running UDFs in an active or passive way. It also includes enhancements for Merlin Medipix support.

Certain parts of LiberTEM-live are now implemented in Rust with Python bindings, these now live in the LiberTEM-rs repository. Among other things, this includes receiving data directly into a shared memory area.

This release also drops support for Python 3.6, which is no longer supported upstream.

New features


  • Fix for the low level Merlin Medipix API, adding async and iterator support (#30).

  • Fix flakyness in the Merlin Medipix receiver, which could misbehave at the end of an acquisition (#31).


  • Drop Python 3.6 support (#68).

  • All acquisition objects now take the same parameter set, meaning scripts using the early Merlin Medipix support need to be adjusted to the new API (#27 and others).

0.1.0 / 2021-06-29

Initial release with support for Quantum Detectors Merlin.