Correlation-based peak finding and strain mapping reference


Deprecated since version 0.4.0: Blobfinder has moved to its own package LiberTEM-blobfinder with a new structure. Please see for installation instructions and documentation of the new structure. Imports from libertem.udf.blobfinder trigger a FutureWarning starting from 0.4.0 and are supported until LiberTEM release 0.6.0.


Deprecated since version 0.14.0: The modules libertem.analysis.gridmatching and libertem.analysis.fullmatch that contain classes and helper functions to extract and manipulate lattices from correlation results are moved to libertem_blobfinder.common.gridmatching and libertem_blobfinder.common.fullmatch since libertem-blobfinder version 0.6, and are slated for removal in LiberTEM 0.16.