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import typing

NodeType = typing.Union[None, 'FileTree']

[docs] class FileTree: """ Construct a FileTree node Parameters ---------- low First frame contained in this file high First index of the next file value The corresponding file object idx The index of the file object in the fileset left Nodes with a lower low right Nodes with a higher low """ def __init__(self, low: int, high: int, value: typing.Any, idx: int, left: NodeType, right: NodeType): if low >= high: raise ValueError("low should be < high") self.low = low self.high = high self.value = value self.idx = idx self.left = left self.right = right
[docs] @classmethod def make(cls, files): """ build a balanced binary tree by bisecting the files list """ def _make(files): if len(files) == 0: return None mid = len(files) // 2 idx, value = files[mid] return FileTree( low=value.start_idx, high=value.end_idx, value=value, idx=idx, left=_make(files[:mid]), right=_make(files[mid + 1:]), ) return _make(list(enumerate(files)))
[docs] def search_start(self, value): """ search a node that has start_idx <= value && end_idx > value """ if self.low <= value and self.high > value: return self.idx, self.value elif self.low > value: return self.left.search_start(value) else: return self.right.search_start(value)
def __str__(self): return self.to_string()
[docs] def to_string(self, depth=0): padsingle = 4 * ' ' pad = (depth * padsingle) str_left = (self.left is not None and self.left.to_string(depth + 1) or 'None') str_right = (self.right is not None and self.right.to_string(depth + 1) or 'None') str_self = f"(d={depth} l={self.low}, i={self.idx}, h={self.high})" return f"{pad}{str_left}\n{pad}{str_self}\n{pad}{str_right}"