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import typing

import numpy as np

from libertem.common.math import flat_nonzero
from .file import File
from .utils import FileTree
from .tiling import default_get_read_ranges
from .tiling_scheme import TilingScheme

[docs] class FileSet: """ Parameters ---------- files files that are part of a partition or dataset """ def __init__( self, files: list[File], frame_header_bytes: int = 0, frame_footer_bytes: int = 0, ): self._files = files assert len(files) > 0 self._tree = FileTree.make(files) if self._tree is None: raise ValueError(str(files)) # FIXME: maybe should be moved into the array representation # if the fileset, taken from individual files self._frame_header_bytes = frame_header_bytes self._frame_footer_bytes = frame_footer_bytes
[docs] def get_for_range(self, start, stop): """ return new FileSet filtered for files having frames in the [start, stop) range """ files = self._get_files_for_range(start, stop) return self._clone( files=files, frame_header_bytes=self._frame_header_bytes, frame_footer_bytes=self._frame_footer_bytes, )
def _clone(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.__class__(*args, **kwargs) def _get_files_for_range(self, start, stop): """ return new list of files filtered for files having frames in the [start, stop) range """ files = [] for f in self.files_from(start): if f.start_idx > stop: break files.append(f) assert len(files) > 0 return files
[docs] def files_from(self, start): lower_bound, f = self._tree.search_start(start) for idx in range(lower_bound, len(self._files)): yield self._files[idx]
def __iter__(self): return iter(self._files) def __len__(self): return len(self._files) def __getitem__(self, idx): return self._files[idx] def __repr__(self): return f"<{self.__class__.__name__} {self._files!r}>"
[docs] def get_as_arr(self): fileset_arr = np.zeros((len(self), 4), dtype=np.int64) for idx, f in enumerate(self._files): fileset_arr[idx] = (f.start_idx, f.end_idx, idx, f.file_header_bytes) return fileset_arr
[docs] def get_read_ranges( self, start_at_frame: int, stop_before_frame: int, dtype, tiling_scheme: TilingScheme, sync_offset: int = 0, roi: typing.Union[np.ndarray, None] = None, ): fileset_arr = self.get_as_arr() roi_nonzero = None if roi is not None: roi_nonzero = flat_nonzero(roi).astype(np.int64) return default_get_read_ranges( start_at_frame=start_at_frame, stop_before_frame=stop_before_frame, roi_nonzero=roi_nonzero, depth=tiling_scheme.depth, slices_arr=tiling_scheme.slices_array, fileset_arr=fileset_arr, sig_shape=tuple(tiling_scheme.dataset_shape.sig), sync_offset=sync_offset, bpp=np.dtype(dtype).itemsize * 8, frame_header_bytes=self._frame_header_bytes, frame_footer_bytes=self._frame_footer_bytes, )