See also general LiberTEM installation instructions for information on setting up an environment for LiberTEM.

LiberTEM-blobfinder is designed to be installable without the main LiberTEM package to use some of the functionality in other projects. Installing with

$ pip install libertem-blobfinder

only installs a minimum set of dependencies for libertem_blobfinder.base. Optional dependencies are managed through extras. The full set of dependencies can be installed with

$ pip install libertem-blobfinder[pyfftw,common,udf]

The extra common installs dependencies for libertem_blobfinder.common, and udf for libertem_blobfinder.udf. LiberTEM-blobfinder can optionally use PyFFTW instead of the built-in NumPy FFT for fast Fourier transforms.

Please note that this package is part of a larger restructuring effort for LiberTEM. That means changes in the set of dependencies and import locations can be expected.

Installing from a Git clone

For using the latest features or development work, you can install from a Git clone:

$ git clone
$ cd LiberTEM-blobfinder
$ pip install -e .